BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance
– Pursuing Excellence in JTC Guitar

  • UCAS Code: Not Applicable
  • Course duration: 2 years (full-time) / 4 years (part-time)
  • Direct line: 0203 3888 900
  • Admissions:


Developed in partnership with JTC, The BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance course provides you with an opportunity to specialise in JTC Guitar. The course has been developed with the technical guitar player in mind, and is focused on the development of high-end musicianship. A commitment to redefining the boundaries of the electric guitar is central to our teaching and learning.

Working alongside the DIME ONLINE faculty, the world-class guitarists at JTC will reinforce your studies with videos, masterclasses and verbal feedback. The course modules are designed to give you an in-depth knowledge and guide you to becoming a top-level player with an expansive versatility. It aims to empower learners by equipping them with a high level of instrumental skill and the ability to develop an authoritative, individual approach to the performance and creation of music. On completion of the course you will have established a varied portfolio of creative work and have an understanding of how to develop your own unique approach to your specialism and the wider industry.

Click on the module titles below to explore the course content:

Stage 1: Level 4

Technical Development 1 & 2
Improvisation 1 & 2
Artist Studies
Rhythm Studies

Stage 2: Level 5

Advanced Techniques 1 & 2
Advanced Improvisation 1 & 2
Artist Analysis
Composition and Arrangement

Stage 3: Level 6

Developing Your Own Style
Applied Techniques
Solo Performance
Professional Practice Portfolio

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