Fees & Finance

Course Pricing

2 Year (full-time) 4 Year (part-time)
BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance
– Pursuing Excellence in Drums
£4,500 per year £3,500 per year
BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance
– Pursuing Excellence in JTC Guitar
£4,620 per year £3,620 per year
BA (Hons) Creative Songwriting £4,500 per year £3,500 per year
BA (Hons) Music Entrepreneurship £4,500 per year £3,500 per year

Course Info

Hold Your Place

A £150 deposit is required on acceptance of your offer letter to secure your place on the course.

Annual fees are then due by the following dates:
September Intake: 1st September
January Intake: 1st January
June Intake: 1st May

Student Finance

For further information on finance, including Student Loan guidance or assistance with queries on fee payments please contact the Finance Office on: 0203 388 8903 or email: finance@dime-online.org

It may be possible to spread the cost of tuition across the academic year. Full details of instalments can be found in the Student Finance Policy available for download below:
Student Finance Policy

More Info

Student Loans for UK/EU residents are available for all DIME ONLINE courses, subject to eligibility criteria.

Download the following PDF for further information:
DIME ONLINE Student Finance Info Sheet

JUNE 04, 2018