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Thinking In Guitar

Thinking In Guitar   Six mini-pianos The piano is a straightforward character. What you see is what you get. It’s literally black and white! In other words, there is only one way to produce the middle C tone (also known as C3) or any other tone: by striking that one note. There are octaves and… Read more »

INTRODUCING: Pete Riley! Drum Instructor

• Who was a big influence as you progressed as a drummer? Simon Phillips has always had a sound and approach that appealed to me. He’s also been gracious enough to spend some time talking drums with me, both in my early days and over the years. • What was the first record you ever… Read more »

5 Tips On Using The CAGED Guitar System

Know where chords live Consider the number of frets each chord takes up in total. The C-shape (Pattern 1), G-shape (Pattern 3) and D-shape (Pattern 5) all take up four frets on their own, but the A-shape (Pattern 2) and E-shape (Pattern 4), only occupy three each. All 5 shapes interlock and overlap, meaning that… Read more »