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Blog: Creativity and Innovation (Mike Sturgis: Head of Education)

The late Ginger Baker is renowned for his highly innovative approach to the drum kit, one which he expressed through the force of his own indomitable spirit. His prodigious technique, combined with musical sensibilities rooted in jazz and indigenous African rhythms, provided the tool kit for his iconic explorations of the instrument. And while none… Read more »

Blog: Your Musical Identity (Mike Sturgis: Head of Education)

Inspiration vs. Saturation ┬áThis is going to show my age, but I remember a time when, as a very young boy learning to play the drums, one of my biggest treats was being allowed to stay up late and watch Buddy Rich on The Johnny Carson Show. It was so exciting and inspirational to get… Read more »

A Study of Online Education

The higher education industry as we know it is rapidly changing, and online education is becoming more and more prominent every year. Online higher education programs have many advantages over regular physical institutions such as freedom to study where and when you want, lower cost, and the ability to connect with fellow students from all… Read more »