Monthly Archives: August 2021

SELF-CARE SERIES #4: Assessing Covid Risk as You Return to Performing

While music venues, recording and rehearsal studios, concert halls or other work-related places may be taking measures to minimise or eliminate risk from COVID-19, it’s recommended that you complete your own risk assessment before returning to performing. Doing this will help to ensure the everything possible is being done to minimise risk and assess if… Read more »

SELF-CARE SERIES #3: The Power of Sleep

Regardless of what your specialism is within the creative industries, ‘good’ sleep – sleep that has sufficient depth and duration – is fundamental to both physical and mental health. Moreover, it is sleep of this quality that allows our brains to fully consolidate information and recharge within a 24-hour cycle. And while Western culture often… Read more »

SELF-CARE SERIES #2: Recognising Hearing Loss & What You Can Do

The early signs of hearing loss can be subtle and are not always immediately associated with a deterioration to hearing. Some of the early signs and symptoms include but are not limited to: Difficulty in understanding what people are saying, particularly in places with external noise Having to concentrate to hear others or watching their… Read more »

SELF-CARE SERIES #1: Nutrition for the Working Musician

A working musician can face a number of challenges to maintaining a healthy diet and receiving the nutrition that they need to optimise performance. A lifestyle of long rehearsals, late nights and touring can add up to regular meals and dietary considerations being neglected. Substitutes like coffee, chocolate or various types of fast-food might be… Read more »