DIME students are encouraged to develop their skills in all areas, working hard to prove themselves not only in their local music industry but also nationally and around the world.  The music industry is actively looking at DIME for their next team members, artists, bands and songwriters.

This is because DIME Students are:


Entrepreneurial self-starters who have vision for their own careers and know how to use their developed skills and talent to create their own opportunities.

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learners who have a deep curiosity about the world around them, constantly seeking new information and skills, long after their graduation from DIME.


Professionals at all times. They are disciplined, self-motivated and skilled at time management. They communicate effectively and clearly to get the job done.


Creative and thoughtful artist/entrepreneurs who push boundaries and are unafraid to be themselves. They set trends with original ideas.


Innovative thinkers who develop their unique voice by challenging established ideas.

Critically Engaged

Critically engaged individuals who understand how their art connects with culture, history and politics. They have the ability to question the world around them.

Career Opportunities

DIME ONLINE courses provide students with an industry-relevant learning experience that enables them to develop a strong skills base and theoretical underpinning. On completion of the course, students will have a varied portfolio of professional-level work and an understanding of how to develop their own unique approach to their specialism. This understanding equips DIME ONLINE alumni to identify, create and respond to the many career opportunities that exist throughout the music industry.


Solo or ensemble performer (original projects, cover/function bands, musical theatre, cruise ships and touring)

Recording/session work;

Authoring educational materials (books, DVDs, subscription website, etc.)

Product demonstrator

Teaching (private, classroom and online)

Composer (popular music, soundtracks, library music, etc.)


Solo artist or ensemble performer

Songwriter/composer for a range of different areas including popular artists, film, TV, advertising and games

Author of educational materials (e.g. books, DVDs, subscription website, etc.)

Teaching (private, classroom and online)


Music Entrepreneurship

Artist/Band Manager

Concert Promoter

Industry Negotiator

Tour Manager

Industry Consultant




DIME ONLINE'S Featured Alumni

Check out the inspiring stories of DIME ONLINE alumni below:

Kostas Koukourigkos: BA (Hons) Music Entrepreneurship - GREECE/BERLIN

Kostas now lives in Berlin and has been working in the live sector. He’s had previous roles as a production assistant before being recruited as a production manager with Greyzone Concerts. Additionally, Kostas is currently a production manager at Semmel Concerts, one of the main promotion /booking agencies in Germany! He has also been part of the production team at Desertfest Berlin.

Daniel Day: BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (JTC Guitar) - UK

Since graduating from DIME ONLINE, Daniel has been doing a mixture of teaching guitar privately, running ‘rock band’ after-school sessions in primary schools and perusing various recording and gigging opportunities. He also plays as part of folk trio ‘Wovenchord,' They gig frequently and have a sound local following and are recording an album this summer. Daniel had this to say about his DIME ONLINE experience: "The performance skills I learned during the degree course have proven invaluable for me in my current career path and have given me an added confidence which has been a great asset to me."

Andy Basiola: BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (JTC Guitar) - ITALY

Andy graduated in 2018 and recently spoke to us about his experiences at DIME ONLINE, including how the programme gave him the flexibility to study for a degree alongside his extensive teaching practice and his various music projects. These projects include the recording of his debut EP, Beyond The Illusion. Click here to hear Andy’s own account of how he was able to study flexibly alongside his professional career.

Chris Allan: BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (Drums) - UK

Chris keeps a busy schedule as a professional drummer, both live and in the studio. He has toured with a diverse range of artists including Malefice and Sarah Darling while regularly recording online for artists in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hungary and the UK. Additionally, he maintains a thriving teaching practice of 20+ students per week and performs frequently at private events.

Dalton Thomas: BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (Drums) - USA

Dalton started at DIME Detroit but transferred to DIME ONLINE mid-way through his studies after being offered a substantial touring opportunity. Dalton has since toured extensively across the US with acclaimed Detroit-based artist Flint Eastwood, as well as session and touring gigs for LaPeer and Natalie Lucassian.  Click here to hear Dalton’s own account of how he was able to study flexibly alongside his professional career.

Neil Schoeman: BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (JTC Guitar) - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

After graduating from DIME ONLINE, Neil moved to London where he completed a full MMus qualification. He is currently balancing a busy gigging and teaching schedule in the UAE, which is where he lived and worked while he was a DIME ONLINE student. He has recently recorded a solo instrumental album which will be released by the end of 2019. Click here to hear Neil’s own account of how he was able to study flexibly alongside his professional career.