Alumni Spotlight: Emanuele Marchetti (Drums)

We recently caught up with DIME ONLINE alumnus and drummer Emanuele "EMC" Marchetti on what he's been up to since graduating in December of 2018!

Emanuele Marchetti

"I have been involved in several different projects and gigs since graduating with DIME ONLINE. Lots of them are regular shows with my pop/rock cover trio Monkhouse, doing pub gigs and private parties all around London. I’ve also been doing a lot of wedding gigs lately and working as a stand-in drummer for many bands as one of my USP’s is being a fast learner and getting ready to jump in even last minute for any short notice gig. I’m also involved into private teaching and giving 1 on 1 lessons. Some of my recent collaborations have seen me playing in a trio context at the Isle Of Wight Festival with Sean Taylor, acclaimed blues guitarist and singer-songwriter, and the Scottish Americana/Blues artist Wily Bo Walker as part of his band, playing at the Upton Blues Festival."

Emanuele on drums with his cover project Monkhouse

"These opportunities came across after a long time of gigging and networking with many different musicians in the industry (word of mouth is the most frequent vehicle of networking indeed), every gig is a potential opportunity to get to know more people and that might lead into other opportunities in the future. Therefore, it’s really important to me to be prepared, professional, and to make sure I convey the best level of performance I possibly can, it doesn’t matter what the situation is. Human skills also play a fundamental role in this game so being a good person to hang out with is definitely a must.

I have many more gigs upcoming as I’ve got a full schedule booked until the end of September. There’s also a potential collaboration with an original band which involves musicians Roberto Manzin and Tony Crosby, two of the top players in the industry.

I believe that DIME Online studies surely helped me to develop solid skills on my instrument and provided a great knowledge about the music industry that is essential in my professional career nowadays."

Emanuele Marchetti

"Regarding my goals for the future, my short term goal is to master my instrument and achieve a higher level of performance skills; as a session musician I need to be prepared to play in many different situations and genres. I believe that it’s absolutely essential to develop a wide range of skills and versatility that will allow me to be confident in any given moment. For the long term, ideally I’d love to get to play with some great artists/bands and get to travel more often! The final achievement would be becoming an established session drummer, to run my own studio one day where I can record all my sessions and I can host all my private lessons there. Passing on my knowledge, information and passion to the new generation is another important goal for me!

I’ve been influenced by so many different artists and musicians during my childhood; I come from a musical family therefore music was in my house all the time. I remember my mom listening to a lot of 70’s and 80’s music when I was in my primary/secondary school period so I can definitely reconnect myself to that period of time where I drew lots of inspiration for my future career. Phil Collins and Genesis have been a big influence on my life even before I had become a professional musician. I was also influenced by many funk artists/bands from the 70’s: James Brown, Tower Of Power, The Meters, The Incredible Bongo Band, Earth Wind and Fire, Sly and the Family Stone, The Headhunters, and the list goes on and on!"

Emanuele on drums with Wily Bo Walker

Emanuele on drums with Wily Bo Walker

"I would seriously recommend to anybody who wants to apply for DIME ONLINE to embrace and enjoy the process. In my case, studying and working full time wasn’t easy at all but it has paid off in the end. My advice is: be organised, be focused, be curious and enjoy every single moment of the process. Last, but not least, never stop learning because music is a lifetime journey! Never give up and keep pushing, because hard work always pays off!"