Alumnus Spotlight: Andy Basiola (Guitar)

We recently spoke with DIME ONLINE Guitar alumnus Andy Basiola on what he’s been up to since completing his studies!

Andy Basiola - Pic by George Stergiou

Andy Basiola - Pic by George Stergiou

“It’s already been 1 year since my graduation from DIME ONLINE in the summer of 2018.
It’s incredible how this experience gave me so much motivation and most importantly generated new opportunities in my musical profession. Since graduating I have had the pleasure of working with a few artists, both in the studio and live.

One of the most exciting opportunities was working with Tommy DeCarlo, current lead vocalist of American rockers Boston and also lead singer of his original band DeCarlo. Tommy got to know me online, by watching my playing in some of my YouTube videos. He later asked me if I could record guitar tracks for a few of his own songs and send them to him.

All of this happened remotely as Tommy is based in the US. I recorded those guitar tracks in my home studio, using a fairly simple setup. After I think a couple of takes Tommy was already satisfied with the performance and If I’m not mistaken, these tracks should be released in a full album soon, although a release date has not been yet decided.

What a great experience it was, working with Tommy has been an absolute pleasure, his instructions were always clear and I hope we will work together again in the future.”

Tommy DeCarlo

Tommy DeCarlo

“On the live side, since August 2018 I have been recruited as session guitarist by rock band Indya.
I was recommended by a friend who was already in the band at the time and, after trying a few guitarists, they decided to stick with me.

Natalie Indya West, founder and frontman of the band, describes the project as a mix of styles including glam rock and blues, both of which she is heavily influenced by. Indya has an extensive touring schedule, including appearances at festivals such as Wildfire, Ravenfest, Corefest and shows all year round.

Indya has also been recently featured in magazines such as Kerrang, Powerplay, Metal Hammer and radio stations like BBC, Kerrang, Total Rock, etc. The latest single “Gimme Ya Luv” has also just been released and is available on all major music distribution and streaming platforms.”

Andy in Indya's newest music video "Gimme Ya Luv"

“Apart from my work with Indya, I am also performing a few nights per month with my acoustic duo Full Blown Acoustic around London. It’s a totally different situation from the band shows, it’s more laid back and toned down, but equally fun.”

Andy's acoustic duo covering "Uptown Funk"

“Since splitting from my previous band Future Shock a few years back I have focused my creativity on recording my debut solo album “Behind The Illusion” which came out last year and is available to download and also working on a new band, totally different from Future Shock. I have met some outstanding musicians and started the writing process. I’m really excited about this, and I will hopefully be able to reveal all the details soon.

I have some exciting shows coming up with all these bands so keep an eye on my facebook page and my website. I will also be performing with Aerosmith Tribute band Aerosmith Rocks UK at Cyprus Rocks Festival on the 5th October 2019. We play there every year and it’s such an amazing experience, not to mention a great holiday in the sun!”

Andy performing "Sweet Emotion" with the Aerosmith Rocks UK cover band

“When I’m not playing, I’m teaching guitar, I have to say this is main occupation. My students are extremely passionate and dedicate and some of them achieved some great results in their graded music exams. More info is available on my website and lessons facebook page.

In regards to my career goals, I am looking to get some more work in music schools and increase my teaching. Recording and releasing new music on one side, while being an active session musician on the other, is another important goal for me.

DIME ONLINE has helped me immensely to be in the position I am now. While I am constantly trying to be a better musician and teacher, I am also thankful that I can make music my profession and meet so many inspiring people while doing what I love. I highly recommend DIME ONLINE as a flexible yet complete study solution to everyone who thinks about applying. It positively changed my perspective about being a professional musician, not to mention I received a great qualification.”