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Henrik Hartington - BA(Hons) CMP JTC Guitar Degree Graduate

Guitarist and Brazilian native Henrik Hartington completed his DIME ONLINE studies in August of 2018. Henrik began playing guitar at age 13 and enrolled on the JTC Degree because he felt the need to understand music and his instrument at a more professional level that would set him apart as a modern guitar player. Some of Henrik's main influences include Slash, Guthrie Govan, Yngwie Malmsteen, and rap artists such as Dr. Dre and Eminem.

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Emanuele Marchetti - BA(Hons) CMP Drums Degree Graduate

Drummer Emanuele Marchetti completed his DIME ONLINE studies in December of 2018. Based in London, professional drummer, percussionist, and backing vocalist Emanuele Marchetti highly endorses DIME Online and says the Drum degree program improved his skill set exponentially. Through his work on the program, he has developed new vocabulary, grooves, rhythm, and has enhanced his interest in digging into other styles of music.

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Simon Ashworth - BA(Hons) Creative Songwriting Graduate

Songwriter Simon Ashworth completed his DIME ONLINE studies in August of 2018. Simon is from Switzerland and is currently pursuing a PHD. Simon's experience with DIME ONLINE shaped and improved his songwriting and helped him pursue his passion of writing.

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Kostas Koukourigkos - BA(Hons) Music Entrepreneurship Graduate

Music Entrepreneurship alum, Konstantinos (Kostas) Koukourigkos, completed his DIME ONLINE studies in August of 2016. Originally from Greece, Kostas now lives in Berlin. The Music Entrepreneurship degree truly helped Kostas to make music his life and he now works for 2 of the main booking/promotion companies in Germany, Greyzone Concerts and Semmel Concerts.

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