BA(Hons) Degree Overview

As a student studying on a DIME ONLINE full-time or part-time programme, you will be part of a worldwide community of learners: from the UK to the Philippines to Brazil! Regardless of whether you are a Songwriter, Music Entrepreneur, Guitarist or Drummer, you will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with ALL students and staff in the DIME ONLINE Community Area. You also have opportunities to engage with students studying in other cohorts of your programme via shared experiences such as group tutorials, enhancement week activities and masterclasses.

The Programme Overview diagram shows the way in which your learning intersects with other students at various points. For example, Drummers and Guitarists study subjects such as Artist Studies, Artist Analysis and Composition and Arrangement together, while Songwriters and Music Entrepreneurs share modules such as The Domestic and International Music Industry, Principles of Record Production and Publishing and Copyright Law. Students on all programmes finish their DIME ONLINE journey in a shared module called Professional Practice Portfolio. This module focuses on your career goals and enables you to network and deepen connections with your peers before starting your career in the music industry.

The flexible nature of DIME ONLINEā€™s programmes means that you can choose your mode of study from a range of options: full-time, part-time, standalone modules or short courses. Each of these study options provides opportunities for you to interact with students from other cohorts via a range of crossover activities.

DIME ONLINE students are also part of the wider DIME Group. With current locations in Detroit and Denver, you will have opportunities to collaborate and engage with students studying on a physical campus. DIME ONLINE students are also invited to be part of the annual DIME Sessions albums, which are comprised of student performances and involve a highly professionalized process of A&R, recording, promotion and distribution where all students are encouraged to be play a part.

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Full-Time BA(Hons) Overview

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Part-Time BA(Hons) Overview

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