Collaborative Music Project

Course Overview & Information

The aim of the Collaborative Music Project course is to develop an enhanced technical competence and expression in your creative output through collaborative working. You will apply your specialist skills in a collaborative format that may result in co-writing, the launch of a single, a sound/video recording or other approved activities. Additionally, you will develop appropriate transferable working skills relevant to other creative and professional contexts. You will also be asked to reflect critically on the process and explain the methods you have used and the rationale behind them, including the strengths and weaknesses of the creative work and how it could be improved.

This class is suitable for guitarists, bassist, drummers, vocalists, songwriters, music entrepreneurs, music producers and creators.

Course Duration: 10 weeks of study + 1 week for Summative Assessment
Credits: 20 UK credits. Please contact us for information about credit equivalencies. 
RSL Creative Industries Level 5 Sub Diploma. Learn more about RSL here.
Estimated Weekly Study Hours: 15-20 hrs. (Online study may vary.)
£50 deposit, £200 per month (over 3 months). Total payment: £650.
Discounts: Pay in full and receive a £100 discount. For more information, please view our finance policy.

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