A Day in the Life: Guitar Tutor Jon Bishop

DIME ONLINE students work with professional faculty,  who have had successful, varied portfolio careers in the music industry, alongside their role in online music education at DIME ONLINE.  We spoke to guitar tutor Jon Bishop to find what his typical day looks like – from morning till night! 



Up and at them! An early start is part of my usual routine. A cup of coffee and a slice of toast and it’s time to make the journey down the path to my home studio which is located in a converted double garage at the bottom of the garden. I enjoy delivering the DIME ONLINE feedback on the students’ weekly tasks first thing. The students complete the tasks from their modules and upload them to the My Studio section in Canvas, DIME ONLINE’S Virtual Learning Environment. The morning also provides an opportunity for one to one tutorials with DIME students from different time zones across the world. There are usually plenty of emails to answer, and it feels good to have these answered first thing.


A bit of lunch and it’s time to complete a project for Future Publishing, which are the UK’s biggest magazine house and producers of monthly titles such as Guitarist, Total Guitar and Guitar Techniques. The guitar magazine work I do ranges from recording audio examples in my studio, through to transcribing and notating famous songs. I also write the text that accompanies the articles. Today I am working on a large feature entitled ’50 Tips for Electric Guitar Mastery’, which is a tutorial style, article for electric guitarists. The examples need to be written and recorded with a view to highlighting a particular technique or style. To provide context these examples are often in the style of famous players or bands.


I usually like to take a break and do something physical in the afternoon. I live on the south coast of the UK so I am lucky to have access to a variety of water based sports. I regularly participate in surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, wake boarding and skateboarding. Today the wind and waves are not happening so I’m off to the local skatepark. I find having interests outside of music to be very healthy and allow my musical mind to recharge and body to stay fit.


The evening is the usual time for a gig and I participate in a variety of different live work. Musicals and theatre shows are always on so provide regular work. Theatre work is challenging and quite high pressure, but very rewarding to be part of. Tonight I am playing with the Novello Orchestra in a performance of ‘La La Land Live’. The orchestra performs the soundtrack live as the movie is projected providing an immersive cinema experience with the added dimension of watching and listening to a live orchestra.


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