A Day in the Life: Learning Technologist, Tristan Seume

DIME ONLINE students are supported by a team of professionals who are also musicians. Today, we chat with Tristan Seume who is responsible for the smooth running of DIME ONLINE’s Virtual Learning Environment, Canvas about what his typical day looks like! 


My main role with DIME ONLINE is to manage the virtual learning environment, Canvas, making sure the students and tutors have everything they need. There’s always plenty to do, whether it’s editing course notes, setting up assignments or just making sure things are functioning as they should. That said I usually find it’s best to bash through the emails first, in case there’s anything urgent to attend to.


My first love is the acoustic guitar, which has always been the catalyst that’s led me to the different kinds of work I do. Often, I’ll play some guitar over lunch: I’ve got to maximize my time as I gig regularly in a couple of bands, so grabbing a few minutes here and there is important to keep the fingers match-fit. It’s a double-whammy as it gives me a chance to relax for a bit, too. Otherwise, after a quick bite, I like to go for a stroll up the lane to clear my head. I’m lucky that I live amongst beautiful countryside and there’s no tonic quite like a short walk to a soundtrack of birdsong.


Back to it! Afternoons are usually a mixture of working on DIME ONLINE projects like developing courses, and maybe I’ll have a web conference with other staff members. The team works across multiple time zones so my afternoon will be my US colleagues’ morning, giving us all a chance to at least be out of bed!


Working from home means that unless I’ve had a web meeting as part of my day, I might not see anyone else. So in the evening, I might head out for an evening bike ride or a drive (roof down, weather permitting!). Or perhaps I’ll pop to the local for a quick drink with friends. Otherwise, it might be I’ll have a gig somewhere. No two days are the same, and that’s how I like it.

Performing live with Jackie Oates


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