Drums- Standalone Modules/Classes

Technical Development 1

This module is about consolidating your technical skills on the drums and providing you with the essential tools needed for you to realise your full creative potential. You will examine the ergonomics of drumming, which will include fundamental areas such as your grip, posture, stick motions and foot technique.

Throughout the course you will study a variety of technical exercises, including four-way independence, snare drum rudiments, ostinatos and fills. This vocabulary will fuel your creative expression on the instrument, with the ultimate goal being to forget all about the exercises and just play the music you hear in your head. There is always a place for speed and flashy technique, but as working players we also value taste and creativity very highly.

Improvisation 1

This module will take you beyond the practice of basic exercises and develop your ear to ensure that you can place patterns, rudiments, fills and ostinatos into a musical context.
We will provide you with a number of stylistic studies designed to challenge you to create musically appropriate parts and improvised solos. Additionally, we will investigate how you can gain the authority of a professional through your sound, timing and dynamic balance. You will be referencing the work of some of the world’s iconic drummers as you learn the art of making music from the tool kit of your technical skills.

All 13-Week Standalone Modules Are £700 and have 2 payment options.

  1. 1. Pay Up Front and receive 10% Discount (£ 630.00)
  2. 2. Pay in 3 instalments – £350, £175, £175

100% Refund within the first 10 days if you’re not completely satisfied.