Guitar – Standalone Modules/Classes


This module/class will consolidate your existing technique and create the foundation for the advanced technical and improvisational concepts that will be covered as the course progresses. It does this by providing a solid theoretical and practical understanding of the diatonic major scale system, including its relative minor and modal perspectives. Along with the Improvisation unit, this course is fully integrated to provide a structured and progressive course of study in guitar-based musicianship.

From the construction of chord and scales using the CAGED system, to the embedded triads, arpeggios, pentatonic and blues scales, the emphasis throughout the course is on developing harmonic knowledge and intervallic recognition, alongside the building of key technical skills. A highly detailed course for developing a range of contemporary techniques, this unit is presented in full with unique colour coded diagrams, notation and tablature.

This module/class is authored by Martin Goulding as featured in Guitar Techniques.


The Improvisation module/class takes the concepts covered in Technical Development and applies them directly to Improvisation, although neither has to be studied together or simultaneously. This module/class will consolidate your skills and provide real-world practical experience.

This module/class develops a range of concepts and approaches to improvisation, including the identification of chord tones and extensions, sequencing and transposing melodies, major and minor pentatonic improvisation, major and minor blues scale improvisation, superimposing triads and arpeggios and much more. In addition to containing unique colour-coded diagrams, notation and tablature, the lessons will feature backing tracks that provide a context for the concepts studied. To illustrate key points in the lessons, there will be video contributions from key members of the Jam Track Central artist roster.

This module/class is authored by Martin Goulding as featured in Guitar Techniques.

All 13-Week Standalone Modules Are £700 and have 2 payment options.

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  2. 2. Pay in 3 instalments – £350, £175, £175

100% Refund within the first 10 days if you’re not satisfied.