Introducing the RSL Level 4 Creative Practitioners Program!

In January 2020, you can begin your development to complete either one or two courses.

A completed and achieved course in ‘Self-Analysis’ will earn you an RSL Level 4 Certificate for Creative Practitioners.  If you complete and achieve both ‘Self-Analysis’ and ‘Career Development’ you will earn an RSL Level 4 Extended Certificate for Creative Practitioners. You can study one or more courses fully-online, in your own time, at your own pace, earning a qualification as you do so.  By June 2020, you will be able to articulate any credits earned on these awards towards a full RSL Level 4 Extended Diploma for Creative Practitioners, which is equal to the first year of a BA degree.

At DIME ONLINE we provide an innovative and flexible study option, that allows you to develop your own skills in any area that you feel is relevant to your career.  Whether you are in a band, a songwriter, have an artist you want to manage, or teach private lessons, with these academic qualifications, you can have the potential to further your career and increase your income.  You will study and critique your own career and skills and be guided into self-development and personal goal-setting.

Students enrolled will have 24 hour access to course materials via DIME ONLINE's virtual learning environment, Canvas, which means you can study at your own pace.  You will get guidance and feedback from our industry-professional instructors and be able to learn, talk and collaborate with others on the course via the Community Area.

To read a full rundown of the new courses, get application instructions, financial info, and view the FAQs, click the button below!

DIME ONLINE and RSL staff also hosted a Facebook Live session this week to announce the new programs and give more information on them. Check out the video below!