JTC Artist Spotlight – John F Klaver

John F Klaver Guitarist

Dutch guitarist John F Klaver is one of the most respected players on the international Blues circuit today. He began playing the guitar at the age of eleven, inspired by Gary Moore, Robben Ford and Jimi Hendrix. After graduating, he took private guitar lessons and music theory classes at the University of the Pacific in the USA.  Back in the Netherlands, he was admitted to the conservatory of Amsterdam and received lessons from Jesse van Ruller, Martijn van Iterson and Eef Albers. In 2007 he started his own formation, the John F. Klaver Trio, that would later become the John F. Klaver Band.

How did you get started as a musician?
I studied jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and after graduating I started
working professionally.

Who were some of your influences as you progressed?
Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Pat Martino, Oz Noy, Josh Smith, Warren Haynes, Wes
Montgomery, Joe Pass, Mike Stern, John McLaughlin, Jesse van Ruller,  and Eef Albers

What was the first record you ever bought?
Use your Illusion – Guns N Roses.

What is the most memorable/incredible experience you’ve had in your music career?
Playing at BB King’s Blues Club in Memphis.

Tell us about some of your favourite gear you’re using?
DIY amps (blackface style), Two Rock Amps, Collings Guitars, Gravity Picks, Curt
Mangan Strings, and a bunch of pedals (xotic, lovepedal, vs audio, chase bliss,earthquaker

What’s your top tip for playing live?
Adapt to any situation, because each venue/stage/room will sound different and then
just focus on making good music.

What’s your top tip for a recording session?
Be open-minded and be able to take critique. Also, have ideas ready and listen to the
whole sound of the project because that’s more important than a guitar solo.

What projects/bands are you involved with at the moment?
John F Klaver Band, Phil Bee’s Freedom, Bluesworld Collective, Klaver Wouters &
Lanslots Trio, Sessions

How did you become associated with Jam Track Central?
A couple of years ago I send them a youtube-link and I got an immediate response. From then on our collaboration started.

Can you give us a tip for an up-and-coming artist you’d recommend?
Be good in communication, be punctual, be open-minded and be humble

How effective do you feel online tuition is with regards to improving your guitar playing?
With the right discipline, it is very helpful. You just have to know what to choose because there is so much out there. For me, it is good because I know what I need. For a beginner, it is good to have some guidance in it (online or offline).

What’s your best advice for being a professional musician in the modern age?
Be versatile but do develop your own thing and be a nice guy/girl people want to call.

Any last words?
I’m looking forward to working with DIME ONLINE and JTC, besides my teaching here in The Netherlands. Thank you for your time!

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