JTC Artist Spotlight – Luca Mantovanelli

Luca Mantovanelli was born in 1983 in Caserta, Italy, into a musical family. From a young age he showed a natural talent for music. He started learning drums, bass and wind instruments,  before deciding to dedicate himself to the electric guitar. At first self-taught, he furthered his studies with Adriano Guarino and Marco Sfogli (James Labrie), also studying classical guitar with the Maestro Antonio De Innocentis.

Luca absorbed influences from all styles.  some of his biggest inspirations were Bireli Lagrène, Pat Martino, Robben Ford, Frank Gambale, Eddie Van Halen, Michael Brecker, Oscar Peterson, and Gary Burton. His natural versatility in a variety of musical styles allowed him to play in many areas: jazz, pop, blues, and rock bands. When he joined the 900 Big Band, he opened the door to jazz festival performances and collaborations with Jenny B, Katia Ricciarelli, Bobby Solo, Massimo Moriconi, Silvia Pagni and more.

In 2011 Luca played at the FB Jazz festival in San Giovanni Teatino with The Dream of Butterfly, an acoustic trio featuring Emanuela Di Lullo (voice) and Riccardo Damiani (bass). Also on the bill were international artists such as Mike Stern, Jeff Berlin, Maurizio Rolli, Paolo Giordano, Nguyen Le, Bob Sheppard, Linley Marthe and more.

We chatted to Luca to find out more about his influences, career to date, and how he became involved with JTC.

How did you get started as a musician?
My father is a musician and I lived around music ever since I was a little boy. I started
playing drums when I was 10 years old and switched to guitar at 14 and it became my
passion very quickly. I have never looked back!

Who were some of your influences as you progressed?
My father was my first influence. But I started practicing music when I listened to AC
DC and Jason Becker. I was amazed at how technical and amazing Jason was and
wanted to be able to do what he could do. With lots of practice, I was able to start
learning some of these amazing licks and techniques.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Metallica, Kill em All

Tell us about some of your favourite gear you’re using?
I am endorsed by Ibanez guitars and currently play the AZ range. I also am endorsed
by DV Mark and their amps are my favourite.

What’s your top tip for playing live?
Be professional and be part of the band

What’s your top tip for a recording session?
Study and reading music is very important if you want to be a session musician.

What projects/bands are you involved with at the moment?
At the moment I’m recording my first solo album and I am preparing lots of new material at JTC.

How did you become associated with Jam Track Central?
JTC contacted me after my performance at the Guitar Idol final 4. Now JTC is my main

How effective do you feel online tuition is with regards to improving your guitar playing?
Online tuition is very important. The good thing about the internet is that you can study
with your idols all around the world.

What’s your best advice for being a professional musician in the modern age?
Be yourself and don’t try to copy others playing. Practice lots every single day and be

Check out Luca in action!

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