Kenya-based Alumnus, Steve Fisher Completes Maasai Mara Ultra-Marathon!

In December, DIME ONLINE was delighted to sponsor one of our Kenya-based alumni, Steve Fisher, as he took part in a 50km ultra-marathon through the Maasai Mara game reserves. Steve did the run to raise much-needed funds for Ghetto Classics, where is he currently a teacher.

Ghetto Classics is part of the Art of Music Foundation and is a community programme that involves over 500 children in Korogocho, one of Kenya’s biggest slums. It is home to about 300,000 urban poor and thousands more children in satellite areas around Nairobi.



Steve says this about taking part in the race:

“What an experience! Running in the Mara was unreal. It was blazing hot, wildlife everywhere. I spotted zebras, wildebeests, giraffes and warthogs, as well as many Maasai tending huge herds of cattle in their traditional bright garb.

A large group of young male lions had been spotted on the route the previous day and highlighted the need for safety on the trails. We needed to keep an eye out for one another on the route. Due to the danger that we faced on the trails, we were warned, anyone caught listening to music on headphones would be disqualified. There would be no using tunes to get amped up on the race – I needed to reach deep inside myself to find the strength to complete the course. The end result was that I managed to run in 5 hours 51 minutes and placed 13th – I was pretty pleased with that!”

Our congratulations to Steve on completing such an epic race and for the funds raised for Ghetto Classics.