Music Entrepreneurship – Standalone Modules/Classes


An artist manager will have to negotiate many different types of deals, each with multiple variations according to the act, territory and organisation. We will look at the common terms and variables within these deals such as record, publishing, sync, live show and tour, merchandising and sponsorship.

By the end of this module/class you should feel equipped to have a considered conversation with music lawyers and other third parties and be able to take an active and informed role in negotiating various deal points.


The artist manager (or self-managing artist) will need to have a clear sense of where the act’s income streams are derived from and how to maximise income and minimise expenses. Additionally, investigation into the ethics of management is considered, as well as the commercial and personal relationship between act and manager.

You will study historical instances of disputes between act and manager, as well as systems for resolving disagreement. The module/class also explores examples of long-term model partnerships, financial modeling, forecasting and cash flow management. By the end of the module/class you should be able to communicate in an authoritative way with finance professionals such as accountants, banks and third-party investors.


In Artist Discovery you will develop higher-level A & R skills. You will be given guidance on finding acts, assessing their potential and making a conceptual link between the musical product, the branding associated with an act and a paying audience.

Developing the instinct to assess a potential market size, longevity and brand loyalty in commercially viable acts is the central theme of this module/class. You will examine the negotiation of early-stage deals and strategies to formulate a grassroots approach to building awareness and a ‘buzz’ around an act.

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