Specialist Skills Content:
Music Entrepreneurship

Music Industry Skills

Course Overview & Information

This course will introduce you to concepts and methodologies that underpin the development of skills relevant to your chosen specialism. The skills learned in this unit are designed to be contextualized into the music industry and support your career, illuminating the transition between theoretical understanding and practical application.  These concepts will also directly inform other areas of study and  will therefore have an intrinsic interconnectivity with other units. While the majority of the skills studied will be in the context of your chosen specialism, you will also be guided in broader applications for their use.

Course Duration: 10 weeks of study + 1 week for Summative Assessment
Credits: 20 UK credits. Please contact us for information about credit equivalencies. 
RSL Creative Industries Level 4 Certificate. Learn more about RSL here.
Estimated Weekly Study Hours: 15-20 hrs. (Online study may vary.)
£50 deposit, £200 per month (over 3 months). Total payment: £650.
Discounts: Pay in full and receive a £100 discount. For more information, please view our finance policy.

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