"Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” 
Donna J. Abernathy

Welcome to Life Online

The explosion of online technology has meant that studying no longer needs to be confined to a classroom or lecture theatre. Instead, students can access high quality filmed content from the comfort of their own homes. From the flexible working pattern, to reduced fees, to faster completion, today’s young people are discovering that online learning offers a balanced style of working that enables them to manage studying alongside their other commitments. Equally, online learning is opening up avenues for mature students who never thought that they would be able to fit studying into their busy lives, allowing students gain qualifications at any age. Join the new generation of students who are utilizing state of the art technology to save money, work smarter, and enhance their skills completely online.

Why DIME Online?

Our goal is for you to be able to succeed in your chosen career path in the music industry and we have designed our programmes to suit those who are just starting out, or those who are already working in the industry. Our flexible approach means that you can study anywhere: DIME ONLINE students have balanced studying with touring, working on cruise ships, and recording and promoting an album. Whatever course you choose, you will have 24/7 access to the VLE so can make your own timetable of weekly activities which will keep you practicing and learning. Weekly feedback from your tutors, who are active working musicians, ensures you remain on track and are continually developing your skills.

Using our Virtual Learning Environment, Canvas, you will complete weekly tasks where you film yourself completing the task in the ‘My Studio’ area. Your classmates and tutor will be able to comment and everyone sees each other’s feedback, which fosters a culture of collaboration and support. Alongside our innovative course content and teaching videos, you will have access the active Community Area, where you can meet students from other programmes, and get involved in discussion threads. Students also have access to exclusive masterclass content with music industry experts.

As a DIME student, you are also part of a wider institution, with a campus in Detroit, MI and partnerships with Hitmaker in Singapore and Starmaker in Vietnam.  We find ways for you to interact and collaborate wherever possible! An awesome example of this is the yearly DIME Sessions album, which includes tracks from our campuses, including DIME ONLINE, as well as our students involvement in creating the soundtrack for iHeartRadio’s podcast, Hit Man.



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