Onwards & Upwards!

Helen Angove Head Of Learner Experience
Head of Development & Partnerships, Helen Angove, looks back over the last year, and welcomes in our new and returning students.

Greetings to the new students joining us in January 2016 and welcome back to those returning after a well-deserved Christmas break. Unbelievably, some of our DIME ONLINE pioneers are already embarking on their final level of study (level 6) and will be graduating this year!

Our level 4 and level 5 students have recently completed another successful round of assessments, reinforcing DIME’s belief in the potential of this distinctive online learning model. Throughout the last year, we have received great feedback from students, tutors, artists and industry partners alike.

In addition the course has received formal affirmation from our two External Examiners, Dr Jonathan Little (University of Chichester) and Dr Jennifer Otter-Bickerdike (Bucks New University). Here are a few highlights…

The innovative curriculum is enhanced by input from a range of experts and has been designed to be at the cutting edge of industry practice.

The materials that have been designed to help students, and to guide their studies weekly, are as useful as one would wish, and the standards demanded are consistently high and appropriate to the comparable UK university/conservatoire sector. The level of detail in the weekly guidance is, in many ways, exemplary.
(External Examiner, July 2015)

Combining artistic practice, scholarly activity and the development of technological skills, students are encouraged to develop a strong graduate profile over the two years of this accelerated degree.

These are highly practical courses relevant to current challenges, so when the first graduates emerge they should be well prepared for music-related and other creative employment.
(External Examiner, July, 2015)

Online learning requires students to be independent and prepared to take control of their studies. However a distinctive feature of all DIME ONLINE provision is that whilst learning may happen ‘remotely’, students are never isolated. Our online learners participate in a number of formal and informal learning communities and the student experience is carefully underpinned by strong academic and pastoral support structures. Moreover students are provided with regular formative feedback during each module and summative feedback on their end of module assignments.

Feedback to students is very thorough, clear and appropriate (templates are excellent), allowing students to appreciate the areas in which they excel, just as much as those areas where more work is needed.
(External Examiner, July 2015)

And don’t forget, DIME ONLINE courses belong to the department of Music at Falmouth University, situated within the Academy of Music & Theatre Arts (AMATA). Our partnership with Falmouth means that students have free access to Falmouth University Library and its online collections and resources.

Looking forward to your continued success in 2016!