Self-Analysis in Music

Course Overview & Information

This unit is designed to help you analyse, evaluate and develop key concepts about yourself and how they relate to your perceived brand in the music industry. In addition to understanding who you are and what you do (e.g. your creative output), you will learn how to identify your market (i.e. fans and/or clients) and ways of developing your relationship with them. You will be guided as you undertake a range of feedback opportunities that enable you to develop your own brand and rationalise it against the intended marketplace.

This class is suitable for guitarists, bassist, drummers, vocalists, songwriters, music entrepreneurs, music producers and creators.

Course Duration: 10 weeks of study + 1 week for Summative Assessment
Credits: 20 UK credits. Please contact us for information about credit equivalencies. 
RSL Creative Industries Level 4 Extended Certificate. Learn more about RSL here.
Estimated Weekly Study Hours: 15-20 hrs. (Online study may vary.)
£50 deposit, £200 per month (over 3 months). Total payment: £650.
Discounts: Pay in full and receive a £100 discount. For more information, please view our finance policy.

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