Study with DIME ONLINE on the standalone modules, that are part of the DIME ONLINE BA (HONS) Degrees in partnership with Falmouth University.

You can choose between studying on any of the modules below. You will be studying these cost effective, high quality and student-focused modules, for no University credit, until you decide to transfer to the BA (Hons) Degree in either Creative Music Performance (guitar & drums), Creative Songwriting, or Music Entrepreneurship.

All the standalone modules are 15 weeks long. You will be required to take an assessment during week 13, and during week 14 & 15 you will have access to further masterclasses and tailored content. You will have weekly communication with your instructor, who will give you detailed feedback on your studies and weekly tasks via our advanced Learning Environment, Canvas.

  • Received personal feedback and support from your tutor each week in response to your completion of weekly tasks
  • Gain access to a range of bespoke multimedia learning materials, created by us especially for you!
  • Advance your career by:
    • Broadening and deepening your knowledge in one or more areas
    • Improve your technical or creative skills on your chosen instrument, songwriting skills and music business knowledge
  • Try out online learning for the first time to see if its right for you. Many people are unsure that campus-based learning is right for them, well now you have another option that may be ideal for you.
  • Meet like-minded peers studying in other countries and be part of a wider and culturally diverse community.

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FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of studying Standalone Modules?

One of the main advantages of this new offering is its flexibility. These standalone modules can be studied individually, one at a time or you can put together a package of two or more modules to study alongside each other. This allows you to either focus on a specific area of interest or sample a broader range of ideas and concepts. In short, you can find a pathway and structure that suits you with help and advice from our experienced online team.

How and when will I study?

All our online courses are delivered via an innovative Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Canvas. This means that youncan study in a way that suits you with 24/7 access to your learning materials and a global community of fellow learners.

As well as access to your course material, you will have access to the Student Forums, where you can meet, communicate and share ideas with other students studying with DIME ONLINE. We are committed to connecting you with the musicians, songwriters and music entrepreneurs from around the world.

How is the course structured and delivered?

You will have access to weekly lecture materials and study tasks within the VLE (Canvas). In addition you will be invited to participate in online discussion forums, conferences and tutorials.

Each standalone module is supplemented by access to a range of exclusive DIME masterclasses with musicians and industry experts.

How am I supported in my studies?

Your module tutor is always available to answer queries and will offer you weekly feedback as you complete your study tasks.

Formal 1:1 tutorials with your module tutor are offered in weeks 5 and 10 of the module and in addition you can request a tutorial outside of these weeks with your module tutor, the Head of Education or a member of the Learner Experience team. These tutorials can take place on the VLE (Canvas), Skype or via email, the choice is yours.

How is the course assessed?

There are two different types of assessment used for each module; formative and summative assessment. Formative assessment takes place in week 8 of the course and serves as a way of checking your learning and progress to date in preparation for the summative task.

The summative assessment is undertaken in week 13, on completion of the taught content. You will receive an indicative grade and feedback on your formative assessment but this grade does not count towards the final module mark, it is a personal indication of how you are progress and will highlight any areas you need to focus on and improve. The final module mark is solely based on the summative assessment.

What costs are involved?

DIME ONLINE believes that high quality education should be affordable. The fee for these standalone modules covers the cost of tuition, access to the VLE, related resources and study information, academic tutorial support and feedback on weekly, formative and summative tasks.

In addition this fee covers on request pastoral care from the learner experience team and access to the rest of the DIME ONLINE team for general questions and queries.

If you choose to pay in full at the beginning or via monthly payments, you will notice that each week costs less than £50, and see that you can recieve high-quality tuiton at a lower cost. Be part of the online learning revolution.

What equipment do I need?

You will need your own computer – Mac or PC, with internet access. Your computer should have a built-in camera, so filming yourself playing using the internal mic is acceptable, although you may achieve better results using an audio interface. Filming is an essential part of the course. Other software should include: Microsoft Office, Pages or equivalent, Garageband, Logic Pro or equivalent recording software.

If you are on the JTC guitar course, one electric and one acoustic guitar is preferable. You will also require a valve amp, guitar cables and plectrums – and always have a spare set of strings!

If you are on the drum course, you should own an acoustic drum kit in good working order and a practice pad. Electronic drum kits will be acceptable for some elements of the course work, but all summative assessments should take place on acoustic drums. You should also own an assortment of sticks, brushes and rods.

For Music Entrepreneurs, you will need your computer and to be organized, so notebooks, reading materials, internet access and a good work ethic is necessary!

What can I do with these standalone modules?

Learners will choose to study one or more of our standalone modules for a variety of reasons including:

  • To broaden or deepen their knowledge in one or more areas
  • To improve their technical or creative skills on their chosen instrument
  • To try out online learning for the first time
  • To meet like-minded peers studying in other countries

On completion of a standalone module, learners will receive a certificate of completion from DIME ONLINE. At that point a learner might choose to continue studying with DIME ONLINE by enrolling in one or more additional standalone modules.

Also, our partnership with Falmouth University provides learners with another exciting option. All of the standalone modules listed above can be mapped against one of our three BA (Hons) degree programmes that are validated by Falmouth University. Each module has the potential to count for 20 UK credits at Level 4.

If you fulfil Falmouth University’s application requirements and complete one or more modules in full and passes the summative assessment at an appropriate standard, then it is possible for you to apply for a transfer onto the full BA programme via the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) route.

You may use up to 60 credits accrued through successful completion of up to three standalone modules as part of an APL application.* For more information, please contact DIME ONLINE Recruitment Department

*It is important to note that terms and conditions apply. Acceptance onto one of the full BA (Hons) programmes will only be confirmed by Falmouth University when an applicant has successfully fulfilled all the published entry requirements. Further details here


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