Staying Inspired Enough To Pursue Your Art

With every new year, students at online music schools around the world face a challenge. Finding the motivation to continue their pursuit of music excellence is no easy feat. For the most part, they are required to do a lot of time-consuming practice on the strength of their own willpower. So, as a student of an online music institution, just how do you stay inspired and commit to continue studying music for a whole new year?

Break from the course material
Most online music schools take a break around this time of year. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the extra time to surround yourself with images of your intended goals. Take some time to browse YouTube for inspiration. Create a playlist. Allow videos of your favourite singers, songwriters and musicians to be a frequent addition to your everyday commute or free time. Have a clear picture of what you’re aiming for. The goal here is not to study, but simply to enjoy. So, take a break from your songwriting career to catch up on what your favourite singer is up to. Put your online music business course on hold for a while and just enjoy being a part of it. Relax, and breathe in influence.

Go to live shows
Watching music being performed live is perhaps the most powerful way to reconnect with a sense of possibility. One of the greatest perks of a career in the music industry is all the live music performances you get to attend. Nothing reconnects you more with a desire to practice than watching a guitar being shredded or a vocalist hitting the limits of their range. In order to remain inspired, you need to watch as much good live music as your time will allow. Allow the magic of a live show to reconnect you with your original desire to plot a music career. And while you’re at it, connect with gigging musicians at the shows.

Write. Write. Write!
Songwriting can be one of the most healthy addictions available. If you’re able to overcome self-doubt by simply making writing a daily practice, an identity as a songwriter is as good as yours. Furthermore, studying songwriting will bolster your creative sensibilities. It’s a good idea to join an online music institute regardless of what you’re learning, but especially so with songwriting. Songwriting, while among the most sought-after music industry jobs, is often not regarded as a skill separate to performance or formal composition. In order to learn how to craft a good song and remain inspired, you need to make a habit out of writing (and even deleting!) many complete songs and song ideas.

Reflect on your music career
The greatest musicians would all agree that in order for your motivation levels to remain high, you need to stop and reflect every so often. Whether you’re a vocalist, guitarist, drummer or someone enrolled at an online music business course, your music career needs a break every so often. The festive season is a great time to take yourself out on a date and reflect on why you started studying online. Ask yourself questions that require specific answers. Are you a band member or a studio composer? A frontperson or a behind-the-scenes type? Would you move cities for a music business career? Take a walk, a drive or just sit in a quiet place for a while. Remind yourself of exactly where you’re aiming with all your ongoing practice efforts.

Give yourself praise
Let’s get this straight: playing an instrument is hard! If you are part of any kind of online music institution, you know how difficult it can be. You receive an intense blast of new information from someone halfway around the world and then face a long period to keep going on your own strength. You deserve to be reminded how tough it is not having someone to hold your hand while you diligently program your muscles and mind to work together. Remember, you’re on your way to a career in music. That’s something pretty special! Well done!

Accept the outcome
If your aim is to remain inspired throughout this new year, become friends with the unknown. Understand that you are on your way to a place that you’ve never been before. One which is both extremely challenging and gratifying to reach. It takes a long time to obtain any kind of music profession. However, along the way you’re rewarded with a constantly growing sense of self-esteem and patience. And, of course, impressive musical skill. So, be inspired, aim for the stars and keep practising this new year.

Written by music composer, producer & writer, John Bartmann.