Student Story – Riccardo Belluomini – BA(Hons) Creative Music Performance (Drums)

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DIME ONLINE student, Riccardo Belluomini tells us why he chose our BA(Hons) Creative Music Performance degree to take his skills as a professional drummer to the next level.

Being a full time music tutor in London is a real challenge. This city is considered to be the capital of music in Europe and for this reason it attracts an incredible number of musicians. The competition in the business is very high and can represent a real obstacle for someone like me that wants to make a living out of a passion: playing the drums.

As a tutor, I’m supposed to be a well rounded musician with an extensive knowledge on and off the kit; especially if my aim is to stand out in this city that is home for many sensational drummers, many of whom are more experienced than me. After about ten years on the drum kit I’ve reached a level of consciousness of what I need to do to bring my career as a drummer and tutor to the next level.

I’m extremely critical regarding my own musical abilities and this leads me to constantly search for the best approaches and methods to improve. And one of these ways is definitely to undertake a degree course!

I always thought about obtaining a BA (Hons) in drums but the high tuition fees of the traditional UK music schools and the inability to attend timetabled classes because of the need to hold down a full time job discouraged me pretty quickly.
Then I found out about DIME ONLINE while searching on the web for other options that could fit my needs. I was looking for a flexible and affordable option that could give me as much as a traditional course and…and I found more than that!
Before discovering DIME ONLINE I had never considered completing an online degree course but after looking at the official website I decided to apply straight away.

The main factors that convinced me were:

  • Gabor Dornyei (a drummer I look up to) is a tutor and Head of Drums on the course
  • Flexibility
  • Lower tuition fees compared to other schools
  • A really cool programme of studies

This was exactly what I was looking for!

I consider the chance to study with a tutor like Gabor a huge privilege. That guy can do incredible stuff on the kit, and he’s always able to inspire and pass on the drive and positive attitude to the students.

Also I’ve got the chance to study around my work schedule, finally. There is no need to go anywhere; I can fit in my personal practice for the course between my own teaching sessions. You just need a computer and an internet connection.
The modules’ content is great; it covers many aspects that I’ve never thought much about before. The first two trimesters passed by very quickly and a few weeks ago I received my summative assessment grades. I am happy to say that my playing has significantly improved after starting the course.

The great thing about DIME ONLINE is that every week we have several tasks that we have to video record and upload on a specific online learning platform. This enables my classmates and my tutor to view it and share opinions and feedback. I feel like I am part of a community where supporting each other is much more important than competing against each other!

As a drum tutor I can say that this course is making me stronger and more confident. I’ve got the opportunity to be supported by great personalities in the music business and I’m happy to share what I’m learning with all my students.

The course content is helping me to improve the programme of studies that I offer to all the people that choose me as tutor. I am more creative when it comes to writing down new exercises for my students and they are all enjoying our sessions more.

DIME ONLINE is definitely making a difference to my career development, not just as tutor but also as musician that collaborates with several bands. I’m inviting everyone interested in completing a degree course to consider this option as the main one. Trust me, you won’t regret it.