How to Study in 2020-21


By Mike Sturgis, Head of Education

The 2020-21 UK academic year is shaping-up to becoming historic. The abrupt U-turn by the UK government on A-levels marking has been a confusing and frustrating experience. An algorithm was introduced that was designed to limit grade inflation; its failure has left thousands of students disadvantaged.

Outraged students have pushed hard for the government to resolve this catastrophic injustice, resulting in the use of Centre Assessed Grades (CAG’s) for university places. However an unprecedented number of students still meet university offer requirements, that has thrown admissions systems into chaos. While universities are likely doing their best, the reality is that many may not get a place on their chosen course.


Universities have also received an increase in UK students requesting deferral to 2021.  This may be due to COVID-19. The traditional campus model of delivery has significant challenges in keeping teaching spaces safe, and the prospect of a second wave of the virus this winter is a serious concern. If further outbreaks do occur on campus’s, halls of residence or in private accommodation, institutions may be forced too close again.


Online education is becoming more mainstream. Online higher education has advantages over physical institutions, such as freedom to study whenever you like from any location, significantly lower costs, and the ability to connect with fellow students worldwide. There is an increasing desire for flexibility from students, which is leading to more institutions providing online programs and courses.

A common misconception about online education is that it lacks a personal touch and direct communication. With modern technological breakthroughs including Virtual Learning Environments (VLE’s), video call software, and real time collaboration, you can now connect with any faculty or student at any time.

The flexible option of online education is also future-proofed from dangers like COVID-19. With online programs, you no longer have fixed class times, and can work in comfort and at your own pace. This new environment also allows students to advance their careers by working a job, an internship or even building a new business while continuing their studies online without compromise.


DIME ONLINE offers a personal hands-on service to our students, supported by world-class tutors who are expert educators and practitioners. With our brand-new Level 4 & 5 Creative Industries programs you can now earn qualifications that are equivalent of the first two years of full BA(Hons) degree, Bachelor of Arts degree online.

•   Scheduling – Study wherever you are, whenever you want.
•   Access to content – Lectures, videos, lessons, and all kinds of content are available 24/7.
•   Options – Start when you like, taking as many courses as you want.
•   Communication – Contact tutors and peers at any time, and no waiting for appointments or office hours.
•   Time to absorb – Students have more time to review and learn course content, which leads to better results.
•   Less expensive – Online classes are typically much more affordable than traditional in-person classes, and also eliminate additional costs such as transportation and housing.

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