Wellness Week at DIME ONLINE

Wellness Week is well under way across across The DIME Group, with DIME ONLINE joining DIME Denver and DIME Detroit in focusing on the importance of looking after both your mental and physical health through positive self-care practices.

The high proportion of musicians suffering from mental health issues is a subject that needs to be taken seriously but is often neglected. Our aim is for Wellness Week to destigmatise the silence around mental health and provide students with a safe, supportive space where they can access help and learn positive ways to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

This study block, DIME ONLINE will join DIME Denver & DIME Detroit in running Wellness Week activities. In Detroit and Denver students will have access to mindfulness workshops, drop-in self-care sessions and a video screening of Gaga Foot Two. We are also excited to announce some special guests will be working across the DIME Group to support our students in developing their own wellness strategies. Following her successful session in November, the Detroit team have secured the services of Lauren from the Arbor Wellness Center for another yoga session. In Denver, Siddy and Kit from Original 1265 signed band, Wildflowers, will be running a session on eating healthy on a budget. Detroit will be welcoming back friends from Michigan State’s Extension Program to talk on the same subject. Instructors Liz Gray (in Detroit) and Karen Kitterman (in Denver) will also be talking to the students about performance anxiety and stage fright. DIME ONLINE students will receive a daily bulletin packed full of resources, content and advice directly to their inbox each day.

Outside of Wellness Week, students are able to access 1-2-1 support from the DIME Student Services team at any time. DIME Denver students can access a wealth of supportive services at the MSU Denver campus. DIME Detroit has also developed relationships with local agencies who can offer free and low cost therapy, housing services, and addiction programs.

If you have questions about Wellness Week, support, and Student Services more generally, please contact Head of Student Services, Jess Hamlin: jessicahamlin@dime-detroit.com