DIME ONLINE’s approach to music education is unique. Our Degree courses are for musicians and entrepreneurs who wish to excel and maximize their ability within their chosen field, and to do so on their own terms.

Motivation plays a big part in improvement, so DIME ONLINE’s online courses are designed to ensure that week-by-week, through expert sessions and tutorials, you will achieve higher standards in all areas of your playing, songwriting or artist management.

DIME ONLINE’s tutors are professional musicians who have worked hard to develop and maintain a position at the forefront of the digital music industry. Like you, they expect the freedom to work in a modern way.

Online study gives you that flexibility - you can design your own study path and manage your week to fit your lifestyle. Your time belongs to you - use it well. Design your own life...

DIME ONLINE’s approach gives you the option to begin or continue your career by working professionally alongside your studies. There is no set timetable as weekly lectures and activities keep you practising and learning at your own pace.

Your degree qualification has been designed with you in mind. You can create your own experience, ensuring your final qualification has equipped you with the skills you need to advance your career.




DIME ONLINE is running three BA (Hons) Degree courses in 2014. All courses are validated by

BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (Guitar)

This programme enables guitarists to consolidate technical and performance skills on their instrument and assist them in the development of their own style. A range of vastly experienced industry experts will guide students on the acquisition of an authoritative sound and style, and how to apply these skills creatively into a wider musical context. Students will have a guitar in their hands for the majority of this course and will perform continuously and reflect critically on their progress, receiving specialist support from DIME ONLINE’s world-class faculty. Collaborative work with other musicians through the DIME ONLINE online community will be encouraged.

BA (Hons) Creative Songwriting

This programme examines the art and craft of songwriting and demystifies it under the guidance of today’s highly successful commercial songwriters. In addition to providing guidance on areas such as lyric writing, top line melody, songwriting methodology and arrangement, students will understand the role of the songwriter in the wider industry and will construct a diverse portfolio of work that is typified by its creativity and industry relevance. Songwriters on the course will be encouraged to collaborate with other writers and musicians through the DIME ONLINE online community.

BA (Hons) Innovation in Artist Management

The BA (Hons) Innovation in Artist Management programme equips the aspiring artist manager with the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the fast-changing landscape of the music industry. Under the guidance of today’s working professionals, the programme provides students with essential information on the functionality of the industry and how to create and exploit multiple income streams for both the new and established artist. Project-based work will allow students to engage directly with the wider industry and provide a solid foundation for future entrepreneurial practice. Collaborations are encouraged with the DIME ONLINE online community of musicians.

For Module information please click on the titles above.


As a DIME ONLINE student you will receive your lectures online through a delivery platform called Canvas. It's really easy to use and your lectures consist of written text and video. The content is carefully devised by the Head of Department and the DIME ONLINE team. Your Head of Department or Module Leader will guide you through the lesson.

The lecture is always underpinned by an important concept or technical information, such as scales and exercises for the performing musician. This is then discussed and demonstrated by various experts who have been interviewed and filmed especially for that particular lecture.

You will use your inspiration to complete tasks and exercises that you can apply to your own professional situation. These weekly tasks may not be directly assessed, but all will underpin the learning you need to pass the course.

You can upload your work onto Canvas in the form of video, audio and text and you will get regular feedback on your progress. You will also be able to work collaboratively with the other musicians on the course and many creative partnerships will be forged through this.

You can check out sample lectures in the DIME ONLINE downloads area


Will my qualification be university accredited?

Your BA (Hons) Degree is offered in partnership with Falmouth University, the UK’s leading University of the Arts.

Falmouth University is a specialist creative multi-arts institution with a heritage spanning more than 100 years. Falmouth is dedicated to redefining creative education. Students push the limits of excellence and self-expression, and explore the convergence of technology and the arts.

How does it work?

You will learn using the most technically advanced interactive website in music education, coupled with one-to-one guidance. The technology has been developed in collaboration with Falmouth University, a leader in innovative higher education. You will have online access to Your Studio where you will follow weekly lessons and activities and upload to your personal online space. Your Studio is the window into degree life, community and learning.

Who will be teaching me?

All the courses have been developed and written by working music professionals. The team has had 17 years experience in music education and many more in the music industry. Check out the tutor section and see who has developed your course.

Will I be able to get support online?

At anytime you will be able to email your tutor, student support or any team member, for any reason. The DIME ONLINE team is here to support you and ensure you are getting the most from your course. We communicate through email, phone or Skype.

How will I be supported?

Your Head of Department will be in weekly contact with you, as well as the Head of Education, Mike Sturgis. Both will provide one-to-one guidance throughout the course through phone, Skype and email.

What are the entry requirements?

A typical offer is between 260 and 300 UCAS points, mainly from the A2 level or equivalent Level 3 qualifications. Due to the creative nature of the courses, applicants will be considered on individual merit and should contact DIME ONLINE if they are predicted to have obtained UCAS points outside of this range. If English is not your first language you will also be required to have an IELTS score of 6.0 points, or equivalent English language test, completed within the last two years.

Applicants aiming to specialise in performance should normally be able to perform to a semi professional level.

DIME ONLINE will consider individuals who have playing and work experience, but have not achieved the full level of credit. This process is called APEL (accreditation of prior experience and learning), this will be assessed on an individual basis.

How do I apply?

Please fill out the course prospectus form. We will then send you an application pack which outlines the process; it includes emailing a filmed performance of yourself playing (performance course only), a 500-word written statement and information on your qualifications including those that are not music related.

You will be offered a phone or Skype interview with one of our tutors, and will be informed within five working days if you have been successful and will be offered a place.

How much is it and is there any help with the cost?

DIME ONLINE is committed to the highest academic standards but also affordable Higher Education. All courses are eligible for student loans*. We will help you though the application process.

Studying online with DIME ONLINE = affordable fees with high one-to-one student care.

  • 2 year course (full-time): £4500 per year
  • 4 year course (part-time): £3500 per year

*UK/EU students are likely to be eligible for student loans for tuition fees through Student Finance England (though not for maintenance loans/grants due to the distance learning nature of the courses). As new courses, they are awaiting designated course status from BIS to allow students to apply for loans. Confirmation is expected in Summer 2014 and cannot be guaranteed until then. Students can still apply to DIME ONLINE and go through the assessment process. Please note funding from Student Finance England will be subject to their eligibility criteria, for further details visit https://www.gov.uk/student-finance/who-qualifies.

Can I get a scholarship?

You can apply for a scholarship after you have applied for a course place. Limited scholarships are available each year.

Can this qualification help me plan my own career as a musician?

Yes, everyone involved in the delivery of this programme is a professional working musician. We will discuss how we make a living and get paid for playing and working. We are a community of musicians and music professionals who do not compromise musical standards for commercial success. Music comes first.

What gear/equipment do I need to do this course?

You will need your own computer – Mac or PC, with internet access. Your computer should have a built-in camera, so filming yourself playing using the internal mic is acceptable, although you may achieve better results using an audio interface. Filming is an essential part of the course. Other software should include: Microsoft Office, Pages or equivalent, Garageband, Logic Pro or equivalent recording software.

If you are on the guitar program, one electric and one acoustic guitar is preferable. You will also require a valve amp, guitar cables and plectrums – and always have a spare set of strings!


Fill out this contact form and request a prospectus. We will then send you course information and Skype or telephone you to discuss your requirements and how this course could be right for you. So long as you can access the Canvas site and resources (which will include https sites and live streaming) you can study on this programme anywhere in the world and be part of the new online music education community. There are no limits and no restrictions.




All of the DIME ONLINE tutors are here because they have had great careers in the music industry. They all love music and want to invest their time in the new generation. Here are some of the tutors who have designed the course with us, and who will be teaching you...


Have a look at some videos of your tutors playing in their own projects or with other artists. There are loads more available online, so check them out.



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